Candle - Pastel Macaron

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Color: White
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These ones are'nt to eat but our cute macaron candles are the perfect centre piece for your candle collection they are made from organic materials Soy Wax and fill your room with great floral scents.

Wax Weight: 200g
Measurement :  4cmx5cm
Single Item - 1pc per purchase
Burning Tine : 30-40 hours
Material : Soy Material 
Package ; Comes in a 4cm * 5cm * 5cm Box
Scent : White : English Pearl Freesia , Blue - Bluebell, Green - Sage & Salt, Pink - White Peach , Pink - Rose , Purple Lavender & Yellow - Chamomile

Disclaimer : Please make sure to have the candle on a plate/candle holder when lit this will make sure the wax does not go over your table or desk. 

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